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ERDÉRT wooden houses
THERMO dwelling houses  
The THERMO dwelling houses are prefabricated in a factory, can be designed freely, without any grid limitations, have the same appearance as built houses, and are heat-insulated at maximum level.
Basement, reception level: Insulated floor or cellar slab between footings.
External walls: Manufactured in the factory, a wall frame structure of 120 mm thickness, according to static calculations, to which heat insulation and covering is added on site, after assembling.
The external covering of the building - that carries the plaster - is a water proof chipboard of 22 mm thickness (V-100 quality) everywhere, in the wet rooms, the internal and dividing walls are also waterproof, at other places it is a normal (V-20), 10 mm thick chipboard. The total inside of the building receives gypsum board cover, including the ceilings, which is also waterproof in the wet rooms. On the double element cover, the tiles can be mounted with the usual methods.
Layers: - 5 mm external plaster
- 30 mm Nikecell
- 22 mm chipboard (V-100)
- 120 mm frame
- 100 mm mineral wool
- 20 mm air gap
- 0.2 mm foil
- 10 mm chipboard (V-100)
- 12.5 mm gypsum board
Overall heat transfer rate: In insulated fields: k = 0.27 W/m2average: K = 0.31 W/m2K
The frames are connected with screw joints, the upper beam can bear a burden at every point.

The frame structure is seasoned with TETOL RKB wood preservative.

After assembly, the walls are anchored with plugs.
Doors/windows: BÉFA (Bajai Épületasztalos -és Faipari Rt.) doors and windows are used with heat-insulated glass, according to the types.
Dividing walls: The load-bearing and the longer dividing walls are produced with prefabricated, 95 mm thick frames, with mineral wool insert. The smaller walls are mounted on the site.
Layers: - 12.5 mm gypsum board
- 10 mm chipboard (V-20)
- 95 mm frame
- 100 mm mineral wool
- 10 mm chipboard (V-20)
- 12.5 mm gypsum board
Internal doors: Door panels with inserts, with glued casing.
Slab: Planks of 220 mm height, ~60cm division. According to the static calculations, the thickness of the planks is usually 60 mm.
Layers: - 22 mm waterproof chipboard (V-100)
- 40 mm lathing
- 220 mm beam
- 100 mm mineral wool
- 20 mm lathing
- 10 mm chipboard (V-20)
- 12.5 mm gypsum board
Roof structure: Wall frame with Gang-Nail nail boards
The roof structure with GANG-NAIL nail boards and collar beams is fixed to the slab, on which the heat-insulated ceiling can be directly mounted.
Division: As statics require, usually by 1.0-1.20 m.
Layers: - BRAMAC roof tiles
- 60/40 mm lathing
- 50/25 mm hold-down lathing
- 0.2 mm roof foil
- 180/50 mm rafter (according to static calculations)
- 60/45 mm cross lathing
- 10 mm V-20 chipboard
- 12.5 mm gypsum board ceiling
Houses with one floor are covered with GANG-NAIL girders, and the heat-insulated ceiling is mounted on the bottom chord.
Engineering, electricity: The water and heating pipes, and the electric conduits have to be inserted into the wall structure and the cross lathing of the slab before mounting the element covers. The pipes in the slab can be laid in the direction of the floor planks only, and pipes of smaller diameter can be inserted into the walls.
Fire protection description: The THERMO element system can be made more fireproof with simple changes - by building in BETONYP, FERMACELL boards, and fireproof gypsum boards -, but the standard structure is usually satisfactory for dwelling houses.
The following articles are not included in our type calculation, but can be also ordered: strip flooring, wall covering boards, tiles, roof covering materials (e.g. corrugated sheets with bitumen, shingles with bitumen), parquet etc.
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