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Plywood, birch
Name of product: Plywood, birch
Quality: According to 3916.1-96 GOSZT standard:
B/BB: Faultless on one side, back side is corrected with plugs
BB: Both sides corrected with plugs
BB/CP: Both sides corrected with plugs, CP side contains more corrections
C: Not sanded, no plugs in faults
Board size: 1525 x 1525, 1475 x 1475, 1525 x 1270, 1270 x 1270 mm
Thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm
Unit of quantity: m3
Size tolerance: In length and width: ± 4 mm; in thickness: ± 0,9 mm
Bulk density: 650-750 kg/m3
Gluing: Indoor
Formaldehyde emission: E1
Surface: Sanded (except for grade C)
Packing, transport, storage: Store at covered and dry place that is free of moisture and frost. Protect from rain and snow during transport.
Workability: The traditional handheld and power tools, as well as the modern (carbide-tipped) tools are all suitable.
Areas of use:
  • Places where great solidity is required
  • Furniture and building joinery sector (frames of upholstered furniture, shelves, drawers, radio and TV boxes, suspended ceiling, wall covering)
  • Vehicle industry (wagons and buses)
  • Packing industry
  • Billboards
  • Ladders, sports equipment, stairs
Product benefits:
  • It has a big bending strength, therefore it is advantageous to use at places where permanent solidity is a primary requirement
  • Easy and fast to work with
  • Easy to add surface treatment
  • It can substitute solid wood
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