Erdért-Tuzsér Zrt.

"Fától Z-ig" Vissza a címlapra
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Strip flooring, V-shaped
Species: Spruce, pine, larch
Length: 3.0-6.0 m (usually with grades of 0.5 m, 3.0-3.5-3.9-4.0-5.0-5.5-6.0 m)
Width: 96, 116, 146 mm (width measured with tongue)
Thickness: 19, 22 (34, 44) mm
Unit of quantiy: m2 (width measured with tongue)
Quality: A and B
Standard determining quality: ERDÉRT standard No. 2005-1
Surface: Planed
Moisture content: 15 ± 2%
Areas of use: Wall, floor and roof structure covering
Origin: Own product
Other comments and product features: Supplier's adequacy document certified by ÉMI. LIGNO NOVUM and WOOD TECH fair prizes in 2004.

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