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Boards, planks, spruce
Species: Spruce (Picea abies), silver fir (Abies alba)
Characteristics of species: Light colour, homogeneous annual ring structure, its wood is lightweight and soft. The spruce material that comes from high mountains and from the North has an even and dense annual ring structure, and favourable physical and mechanical attributes. It can be dried, glued and surface-treated excellently. One of the most commonly used wood species, with a wide range of usage areas.
Type: Edged and unedged sawnwood
Lengths: 3-6 m, mainly 4 m
Other sizes according to separate agreements
Widths: 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 mm
Other sizes according to separate agreements
Thicknesses: 25, 32, 50, 63, 75 mm and their co-sizes
Other sizes according to separate agreements
Size tolerance: According to standard, depending on the production technology, from cutting precision of 0.1 mm.
In the case of usage for joinery purposes, it is produced with an oversize that covers the drying.2
  1. In quality according to MSZ 17.300/2-88 standard
    • Excellent
    • Joinery grade
      (classes I-II; quality ratios: approx. class I 60 % - class II 40 %)
    • Combined
      (classes I-III; quality ratios: approx. classes I-II 70 % - class III 30 %)
    • Construction
      (class III. )
    • Construction
      (classes III-IV; quality ratios: approx. class III. 75 % - class IV 25 %)
    • Substandard
  2. 2. According to user requirements, in separately agreed quality
Moisture content:
  • Fresh
  • Air-dry (18 ± 2%)
  • Pre-dried (16 ± 2%)
  • Kiln-dried (9-12%)
Abs. dry density, bending strength: 430 kg/m3
78 N/mm2
Applied unit of quantity: m3
Areas of use:
  • Furniture production (board gluing, glue-laminating)
  • Building joinery products (doors, windows, stairs)
  • Planing; production of wall and floor covering materials, profile laths (strip flooring, wall covering boards)
  • Roof structure (boards, planks, Gang-Nail, gluelams)
  • Wooden houses
  • Packing materials (pallets, crates)
Product benefits:
  • Natural material, environment-friendly usage
  • Decorative, aesthetic, it lends a pleasant atmosphere to its environment
  • Easy to work with
  • Light (low bulk density)
  • No emission of harmful materials

  • In case of Northern origin:
  • Extremely good structure
  • Advantageous mechanical and physical characteristics
Related services:
  • Individual size and quality requirements can be met
  • Collection of several sizes
  • Kiln-drying
  • Making the material free of insects and fungi, and making it flameproof (surface treatment, impregnation, dipping, spraying)
  • Organization of delivery
Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Volume of one packet (m3) Max. delivery quantity (m3)
Truck, 5 tons Variable 1.0-1.1 0.8-1.0 3.5-4.5 15-20
Wagon (2 axles) Variable 1.0-1.1 0.8-1.0 3.5-4.5 28-35
Wagon (4 axles) Variable 1.0-1.1 0.8-1.0 3.5-4.5 70-75

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