Erdért-Tuzsér Zrt.

"Fától Z-ig" Vissza a címlapra

Our WOOD CENTRE is expecting you at Békéscsaba at Gyár u. 4, where we offer a complete range of wood materials in order to keep and win our customers' trust.

Our outlet, having a trading past of several decades, has a large number of regular customers. This indicates to us that we are seen as a reliable and correct partner.

In order to extend a better service to our customers, and to maintain the quality of the materials offered, we completed a large-scale development work, and implemented a modern storing technology, a modern board-cutting machine, and set up better conditions for a more cultured client service.

The complete range of our products ensures that we are able to serve people building their own houses, internal designers, furniture manufacturers, hobby garden owners, do-it-yourselfers and retail clients with the wood material they require. From Russian spruce and pine softwood of high quality - selected according to individual requirements - to many other wood materials and supplementary products.

You can find everything at one place. Our well-trained staff pas attention to both choice and quality. If you need any wood material, call us or visit us. We offer discounts to our regular customers!

  • sawn softwood of joinery grade (air-dry, kiln-dried: of Russian and Scandinavian origin)
  • sawn softwood of construction grade (beams, planks, boards, laths)
  • sawn hardwood, Hungarian and tropical species (e.g. oak, beech, locust, ash, maple, alder, walnut, mahogany)
  • wood-based panel products (natural and laminated chipboard, fibreboard, plywood, worktop, glue-laminated products, OSB, MDF)
  • wall covering boards and strip flooring
  • floating and traditional parquet - roof-covering and fitting materials (Onduline)
  • insulating materials and foils
  • RIGIPS gypsum board mounting materials
  • stairs, balcony and fence elements (locust, oak, beech, pine)
  • joining means
  • furniture fittings
  • board-cutting
  • edge-banding
  • consultancy
  • possibility of selection
  • storing
  • cutting to size
  • door-to-door delivery

5600 Békéscsaba (Jamina), Gyár u. 4.
Tel/fax: 06-66/436-936, 438-702