Erdért-Tuzsér Zrt.

"Fától Z-ig" Vissza a címlapra
New Wood Centre at Csepel (a south district of Budapest)

We have opened our new Wood Centre at Csepel (Szikratávíró u. 5-7.) on 10nd April 2007. Tel.: (36)-1-291-6889; fax.: (36)-1-297-1489)

Ligno Novum Fair - 2006

The pictures of an exhibition...

New name to the outlets

Instead of the term "outlet", the name WOOD CENTRE will be used officially (except for the product centres), as this better reflects the knowledge and expertise accumulated within the company, and refers to the wide range of products, too. By changing the name, the company management intends to radiate even more competence to the customers and to the wood market.